Prescription and Certificate

Your doctor will only prescribe certificates consistent with the truth. Only ask what is reasonable and justified. False certificates will always be refused.

When you are on a long-term treatment, your doctor will prescribe this medication for a certain period of time until the next check-up. It should not be necessary to pick up extra prescriptions. If, however, you run out of medication earlier, you can contact the secretary to make your request. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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Advise and test result

We have a daily call-in moment to discuss you test results.

If you would like to get extra information or when a treatment should be started, you’ll be asked to come to the doctor’s office.
Establishing an accurate diagnosis requires a minimal examination. That’s why we ask you to schedule a doctor’s visit when new or changing symptoms are present.

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House call

House calls are intended for people who are unable to get out to see a doctor: the elderly, seriously ill people who cannot be transported …
When you have a medical problem, come as much as possible to the consultation. Your doctor will be better equipped to examine and help you. Also, you’ll be helped out faster, because you don’t have to wait at home…

Because of the actual workload, we can only organise house calls in exceptional situations. Also we will only be able to accept visits within walking distance from our practice.