1. What do I do if the doctor doesn’t call me back at the selected time during the telephone consultation?

Your doctor hasn’t forgotten you. Sometimes it happens that a consultation takes longer and we are unable to call you at the exact time chosen. Be patient, we will call you as soon as possible. Make sure you enter the correct telephone number when booking.


  1. I think I have the coronavirus, how and where can I have a test done?

Book a telephone or video consultation, and we will discuss the symptoms and testing options for you.


  1. I want to contact the doctor to discuss test results, when can I do that?

A doctor can be reached by telephone every day between 12 noon and 12.30pm. From Monday to Thursday on the number: 02 538 33 37. On Fridays on the number: 02 889 01 50

Monday: Bart Donders

Tuesday: Julie Casaer

Wednesday: Lucy Vandeputte

Thursday: Lennart de Jager

Friday: Ophélie Broeckaert


  1. What do I do if an appointment is not immediately available and I have a medical emergency?

For very urgent advice, please call between 12.00 and 12.30 and get a doctor on the line immediately. If this is not possible, call the secretariat and ask to speak to a doctor. 


  1. Does the practice take on new patients?

We certainly take on new patients.  Just bring your identity card with you at the first consultation and we will register you on the spot.


6: How do I make an appointment and see which appointments are still available?

Click here (https://spectrummed.be/en/appointment/) and choose your appointment type (regular consultation, telephone consultation or video consultation). You will then immediately see which appointments are still available today and you can click on the free hour to book them. Make sure you choose the right day and the right location! May we ask you to book your appointments as much as possible yourself during the corona crisis? This way we can relieve the secretariat a little.


7: I need a prescription for medication, do I need to come for consultation?

During the Covid-crisis we exceptionally can prescribe medication at a distance. It is best to always book a consultation by telephone. This way we are sure that no medication errors occur.


8: I have not yet received the results of my blood test, what should I do?

We work with the laboratory  LMO at Groot-Bijgaarden. You will receive your results via their iPatient platform where you’ll have to log in with your national registry number. Some tests take longer to perform. Your doctor will also sometimes request additional tests if an abnormal value is found. As a result, the results may be somewhat delayed. Haven’t you heard from us after a week? Call us during the hour and we will inform you of the results.